Fully Automatic Complete Cable Fault Finding Van or Truck

Modified to suit your requirements and vehicles.

BAUR offers you a number of systems in various ergonomic designs for individual device installation. We have drawn on years of experience to develop tried and tested standard systems. Four standard systems for pre-location and pin-pointing of cable faults,testing and diagnosis are combined to suit your application.

TRANSCABLE Modular Design, High Flexibility

The control and monitoring system is arranged in the operator s central field of vision. The interface for TRANSCABLE 3000 software, based on the multilanguage Windows version,is user friendly and can be obtained in different languages.

A number of different side cabinets are available for 19 units,a drawer cabinet or a hinged desk top. The system is most often fitted in ommercial vehicles,such as the Mercedes Benz Sprinter with an overall weight of 3.5 t. Cable test vans are in principle divided into control area and high-voltage area and separated by a partition wall.

Transcable System Equipment
Cable testing
Cable fault pre--location
Cable fault pin--pointing
Switching technology, 1-phase, 3-phase
Safety control system
Ergonomic EURODESK system with integrated work surface
Attractive,,modern design
System safety concept in the event of a traffic accident
Mains and generator operation
Automatic charging unit for vehicle battery and safety circuit
Software in the required language
Modular 19 system