All in one - fully automatic cable sheath testing and fault location system

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The new top device - shirla  is used for cable- and cable sheath testing, fault prelocation as well as for sheath fault pin pointing according to the step voltage method. The special measuring bridge is performing the measurements according to Murray and Glaser. With the integrated high voltage DC source, shirla allows prelocation of low resistive as well as high resistive cable faults.  The measuring principle enables prelocation of faults especially at unshielded control- and lighting cables as well as cable sheath!
For cable fault pin pointing according to the step voltage method, a defined DC pulse pattern is applied and the step voltage can be picked up by using the KMF1 or UL receiver set.

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Cable and cable sheath testing up to 10kV
Resistance measurement
Cable and cable sheath fault prelocation with high precision measuring bridge
Definable cable sections with individual adjustable length, cross section and conductor material
Cable sheath fault pin pointing
Integrated discharge unit
Step less voltage adjustment
Automatic reporting function
Mains and battery operated
Menu control via one button operation
Timer function for testing and switch-on delay time