High Voltage test sets PGK 50 / PGK 80

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The mains operated one part high voltage test sets PGK 50/80 are developed for DC voltage testing up to 50 kV or 80 kV. These instruments are especially characterised by their lightweight, compact design. All necessary connection elements and leads are accommodated in its case, which has been practically designed.
The instruments are especially applied for testing of buried mass-impregnated medium voltage cables. Due to the sensitive current they also allow determination of insulation resistance up to the Tera Ohm range.

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The instruments are equipped with an automatic and fully enclosed discharge device, a timer, and a plotter output for recording the current flow. An external safety contact can be incorporated in the control system.
Adjustable output voltage
Short circuit proof design
Automatic discharging device
Output current reading over 6 decades
Safety control device according to VDE 0104
Lightest 80 kV test set available on the market