Cable Locator Set

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The Locator Set is used for tracing and depth evaluation of cables. Using additional accessories, pin-point fault location is enabled by following methods acoustic method, step voltage method, twist method, acoustic propagation time measurement.
The TG 20/50 is a portable, mains or battery powered Audio Frequency Generator with integrated charging unit. As an audio frequency signal is fed into the cable the route of the cable can be traced and the depth can be evaluated.

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The standard set consists of following components:
Audio frequency transmitter TG 20/50
Audio frequency receiver UL 7 or UL 30
Detecting rod SP 8 or SP 30
Headphone, KH 8
2 earth spikes
2 auxiliary lines on a hand reel
Transport case
Output power up to 50 VA
Automatic or manual impedance matching
Charging unit and battery are incorporated
Continuous mode or pulse mode selectable
2 output frequencies - Selectable