Syscompact 2000 cable fault location system

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The SYSCOMPACT 2000 is a multi-functional cable fault location system in a modular 19 plug-in design. The surge and test generator is designed for testing of cables and cable sheaths and for the precise location of high-resistance and intermittent faults.
The SYSCOMPACT 2000 is used, preferably in low and medium voltage networks, for locating faults on cables up to 65 km in length. The integration of established fault prelocation methods SIM-MIM and impulse current method enables the precise location of high and low-resistance as well as intermittent faults using the IRG 2000 echometer.

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Impulse reflection methods
Secondary impulse method / multiple impulse method (SIM-MIM)
Impulse current method
Swift, reliable fault location
Compact design, enabling installation in small transporters
Infinitely variable cable testing from 0 to 32 kV
Max surge energy up to 2100 joule
100 memory locations
Simple data transfer to PC