IRG 4000  - Time Domain reflectometer

The IRG 4000 time domain reflectometer is integrated in BAUR cable fault location systems and is used in combination with the system software for locating cable faults in single and three-phase cable systems.

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Thanks to the novel operational concept, cable faults can be located more rapidly and easily with IRG 4000. The high-performance industrial PC and improved measurement parameters allow for a precise cable fault location in all cable types.
The well-proven and continuously enhanced methods are available for the cable fault location as well as the newly developed Conditioning SIM/MIM** method which makes it even more effective and quick to locate wet cable faults that are difficult to detect. The SIM/MIM technology with 20 reflection measurements per HV pulse allows for selecting the best reflection image for a very precise determination of the fault distance.
Automatic detection of cable end and fault position
Automatic saving of all measurement data
Storage for more than 100,000 measurements
Interface to GIS databases
Voltage-proof up to CAT II/600 V
Can be combined with BAUR cable testing and diagnosis systems 
(for installation in the cable test van)
In combination with TDR connection cable up to CAT IV/600 V