STG 600 low voltage cable fault location system

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The low voltage cable fault location system STG 600 includes a surge generator, a high voltage source for testing and precise location of sheath and cable insulation faults. The STG 600 is a multifunctional cable fault locating set especially designed for low voltage power distribution networks.
The surge and test generator is used for cable testing and for pin-pointing of high-resistance and intermittent faults in low voltage cables. An optional coupling filter can be integrated in the STG 600 enabling the use of the highly sophisticated and efficient prelocating method: secondary impulse method/multiple impulse method (SIM-MIM).

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The multifunctional STG 600 replaces the following functions of earlier individual instruments:
DC cable test set by menu "CABLE TESTING"
Low voltage surge generator menu "SURGE MODE"
SIM coupling filter by menu "SIM" (option)
Cable sheath fault location test set by menu "SHEATH FAULT LOCATION"
Optimized unique fault location system for low voltage networks
Low weight, portable
High surge energy 600 joule (optional 1000 joule)
Output voltage adjustable in 0.1 kV steps
Easy operation and self-explanatory menu guidance
Automatic menu operated HV-switch
Backlit graphics LCD display
Integrated cable storage compartment
Safety control circuit according to VDE 0104
2 separated discharge devices for the cable and the internal components
Identification of short circuit and breakdown
Integrated coupling filter for SIM application (option)