WinAST - Automatic Winding Test System

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Manufacturers of stators, coils, alternators, rotors, and other kinds of motor windings need advanced, dependable and proven test systems. If the ability to conduct common in-process electrical tests in one custom built automated test instrument is required,  look to Baker Instrument Company's WinAST Automatic Winding Test System.

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HiPot, Surge, and Temperature Compensation Resistance test capabilities are standard. A Rotation Direction test is optional for testing stators and field coils. Because each tester is a semi-custom instrument, assembled to your specifications, its capabilities are not limited to those described here. Other features are available.

WinAST8800 Operation

WinAST systems not only test product, they also test processes. In other words, trends within the manufacturing process can be monitored allowing the anticipation of problems. The WinAST system is set apart from other winding test systems because of  its sensitive computer controlled testing, analysis, and report generation software. The WinAST8800 computer makes testing automatic.