NET EP - On-line Motor Analysis System

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The New SKF On-line Motor Analysis System NetEP is a fully automated, network capable system for the use of monitoring rotating equipment on a continuous basis.
NetEP capabilities
Continuously monitor 40+ parameters on up to 32 motors on 7 voltage busses

Peak, RMS, THD, TD, CF, Unbalance, Imbalance, Power factor, Input power, and Symmetrical components for each V, I phase, and in total. Number of motor starts.

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Spectrum acquisition (3 Phases Voltage and Current)
Time waveform acquisition
Start up transient capture
Torque ripple, Torque spectrum
Additional parameters: Speed, Eccentricity, Power Out, % load, % 
efficiency, effective service factor
Continuous Real time data acquisition
Investigate anomalies, troubleshoot