EXP4000 - Dynamic Motor Analyzer

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These instruments accomplished fully remote monitoring from the Motor Control Center (MCC), is a non-hazardous low-voltage battery operated unit, and is highly portable and durable for use in even the tightest and most rugged circumstances.

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This in-service motor analyzer takes the next step in providing complete P/PM programs. It provides root cause analysis through the separation of mechanical and electrical issues. The SKF Dynamic Motor Analyzer - EXP4000 were designed to pinpoint challenges (voltage source, VFD, motor, load) your rotating machinery faces. This self-contained portable instrument is computer driven with proven engineering, allowing all testing to be accomplished directly from the MCC or from the Baker EP connection.
The SKF Dynamic Motor Analyzer - EXP4000 performs seven major functions for predictive maintenance programs. It identifies possible power circuit problems that degrade motor health, examines overall motor power conditions, monitors the load and observes motor performance plus estimating energy savings. It is programmed to supply information on voltage level, voltage balance, harmonic and total distortion, rotor cage condition, motor efficiency, effective service factor, overcurrent, operating condition, torque and load.
Once testing is completed, results can be saved and stored for each individual motor. This type of documentation is critical for any predictive maintenance program. It allows the recalling of previous information for true trending capabilities. With the SKF Dynamic Motor Analyzer - EXP4000, test results are collected, stored, recalled and managed using standard MS Access® relational database file formats. Reports can be generated quickly and easily through the main print console, allowing operators visual confirmation of motor integrity.
Survey plant wide motor efficiency with the SKF Dynamic Motor Analyzer - EXP4000 and determine load mismatches, oscillating load, and transient peak energy. These on-line capabilities allow accurate assessment of operating load conditions over time. Results are immediate and show operating efficiencies allowing the operator to determine the true cost of wasted energy.