EC-3A - 3Phase Current & Energy Logger, Energy Audits & Current Consumption

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The EC-3A is specifically designed to accurately monitor one, two or three current channels allowing you to monitor the loading and/or balancing problems and energy consumption of an installation.

The EC-3A has two user selectable current ranges 4Aac to 400Aac and 20Aac to 3kAac. If you require lower current ranges down to 0.5Aac, consider the CT-3A

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Enables 3 phase loading and/or balancing problems to be highlighted quickly
as well as assessment of energy usage over time
Data stored in non-volatile memory
Memory capacity of 32,000 (True RMS) values per channel (10bit), up
to 300 days continuous recording
Selectable averaging period from 1 second to 60 minutes
Accuracy: Typically 2% of range, within 10% - 90% of selected range,
otherwise 5% of range
Kit includes data logger, Rogoswski Coils, USB lead, Electrosoft software
and a carry case