DC-3V - Three Channel (Dual Range) Voltage Logger

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The DC-3V-RS is specifically designed to accurately monitor charger performance and PV (photovoltaic) cell output, as well as many other applications like DC motors.

The DC-3V-RS has two user selectable voltage ranges, 0.5V to 60Vdc and 1V to 300Vdc.

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Dual range logger to allow you to monitor charging circuits, PV (photovoltaic) 
cell, DC motor, and many other applications
Optional DC current transducers available
Data stored in non-volatile memory
Memory capacity of 32,000 (True RMS) values per channel (10bit), up to 
300 days continuous recording
Accuracy: 1Vdc 5Vdc < 1% of range (60V range), 6Vdc 60Vdc < 1% of 
range (60V range), 60Vdc 300Vdc <1% of range (300V range)
Set includes data logger with two selectable ranges 0.5V to 60Vdc and 1V 
to 300Vdc, USB lead, 12Vdc PSU, Electrosoft software and a carry case, 
internal fuses, voltage input leads